We are excited to announce today the launch of Gigwalk Enterprise, a new workforce management and field intelligence solution to help consumer brands and retailers maximize the effectiveness of their workforce from anywhere in real time.  Brands will now be able to mobilize internal teams to collect and activate data to mend issues in retail execution, as well as improve collaboration with retailers and supply chain partners to drive in-store sales. Check out our story in Advertising Age “Whirlpool is Awash in In-Store Display Data from Mobile Tool Gigwalk” to learn more about how Whirlpool used Gigwalk Enterprise to ensure a successful launch of new product Swash.

“Gigwalk Enterprise enables us to more effectively collaborate with our field teams, not only to collect and activate data, but to inform our forecasting and daily operations in real time, said Corey Moles, senior marketing manager for new business creation at Whirlpool. “We are now able to address compliance issues immediately, speeding time to resolution and revenue.”

In addition to Whirlpool, we are excited to announce new customers: Pfizer, Red Bull and Wrigley.

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Now, instead of a team of field reps using clipboards and pens, a smartphone-equipped team can communicate and collaborate in real-time and deliver insight into how products are represented on store shelves. Influenced by our expertise in mobile crowdsourcing, the enterprise field app delivers feature rich, but easy-to-use, messaging and collaboration tools and supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) workplace initiatives.

Key features of the Gigwalk Enterprise solution include:

  • Enterprise mobile app for field tasks and data collection
  • Scheduling and smart work assignment tools
  • Intuitive field messaging to improve team communication and collaboration
  • Project builder and management tools to easily configure and launch projects to field teams and track progress in real-time
  • Integrated reporting to manage all field data, including third party feeds, in one place
  • Online scorecards to benchmark performance and incentivize teams and partners

Learn more about Gigwalk Enterprise and how the mobile workforce management solution can improve your retail execution ROI.


Gigwalkers. Who are they?

Wouldn’t it be nice to see everything you want, whenever you want, everywhere, all at once? Gigwalkers allow brands and retailers to do exactly that. The smartphone army of independent contractors, also known as Gigwalkers, is 600,000 strong having completed over 4 million Gigs for businesses.  Anyone can be a Gigwalker.  Armed with the Gigwalk app one can identify quick, easy, local Gigs and earn extra income!

What’s a typical Gigwalker profile?

Gigwalkers actually represent a diverse set of backgrounds, industries and jobs where Gigwalking is their side-Gig. The most common jobs are Sales and Teaching, as well as many who are stay at home Moms or Dads. As highlighted below, 51% of Gigwalkers are female and 54% have a college degree. Although an almost even gender split, there’s quite an age range with 80% of Gigwalkers being between the ages of 18-45.


How do they Work?

Gigwalkers span across North America and are incredibly efficient, so Gigs are claimed fast. For example, 64% of Gigs are claimed within the first hour of being posted, and 43% of Gigs are completed within 24 hours from the post date. Considering the easy opportunity to get extra income, the most popular day for Gigs completed is Friday to have weekend cash to spare.

Gigwalkers provide real-time visibility into retail execution to help improve in-store performance and drive sales. In fact, in a study of more than 28,000 display compliance checks, Gigwalkers found only 39% of displays were actually present. This level of visibility and intelligence is what brands and retailers seek to avoid substantial lost revenue.

It’s a win-win situation. Brands and retailers receive the high-quality, real-time, GPS and time-stamped granular data that they need. Gigwalkers receive easy cash!